Bad Habits That Could Be Contributing to Your Knee Pain

If you’re one of the many Americans suffering from knee pain, you’re not alone. It could be caused by arthritis or an injury, and it may be affecting your quality of life. However, your daily activities could also be making that pain worse.

Pain management specialist Ajit Pai, MD, FIPP and the highly skilled team at Pain Management Group, LLC in Mishawaka, Indiana can help you determine if your lifestyle is contributing to your knee pain. 

Body posture and alignment

When your body is out of alignment, more stress is placed on your muscles, joints, and ligaments, which sets you up for an injury.


If you’re overweight or obese, you’re putting extra pressure on your knees. Each step you take adds 1.5 times your body weight onto your knees and puts extra wear and tear on your knee joints. If you jog or run, the amount of pressure on your knees is even greater. To lose weight, focus on eating healthy, drinking water, and exercising.


Sitting too much weakens the muscles that support the knee, such as the quadriceps and hamstrings. It’s important to stay active and get some form of exercise every day, even with knee pain. Swimming is excellent because it doesn’t put any extra pressure on your knees. Walking is great, too, but be careful not to overdo it.

Add strength training to your routine a few times a week to strengthen muscles, especially those that support the knee. Most gyms have a personal trainer on staff to teach you proper form and how to use the equipment. 

Your shoes

Wearing shoes without any support, like flip flops, can lead to arthritis and make knee pain worse. It’s important to wear supportive shoes that are made for the activity you’re doing. For example, if you’re walking a mile per day, you should wear a shoe that’s made for walking and provides the right amount of support. Also, wearing high heels puts the foot in an unnatural position, which adds pressure on your knees.

If any of these habits sounds like you, you could be making your knee pain worse. The good news is, these are things you can change today, so you’ll feel better tomorrow.

If you change your habits, but your knee pain stays the same or gets worse, it’s time to contact us for an appointment. We offer a wide variety of pain management solutions at Pain Management Group, LLC in Mishawaka, Indiana, including platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapy. Call us at 574-208-9593 today.

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