High Frequency HF10 Nevro Spinal cord stimulator

HF10 Nevro spinal cord stimulator

We at Pain Mangement Group and Michiana Surgery Center are now able to provde new innovative spinal cord stimulator for failed back surgery patients and spinal stenosis patients who are high risk for open back surgery.

Traditional stimulators give tingling, vibrations or occasional jolts or shock to the extremities which are unpleasant.

This new technology is very effective in majority of our patients and we are getting amazing results with 60 to 90 percent pain relief.

Patients are able to keep the program on all the time while driving or working due to high frequeny tecnology without fear unpleasnt shocks due to positional movement of neural leads.

We are the first one to bring this technology to Michina area and have performed over 80 procedures over last year and half.Majority of the patints have been getting good relief with quality improvement in daily activities and decrease or getting off their pain meds.

Please call us or stop by in our office to get brochure or make an appointmet for consult.

For online information go to HF10.com.

Dr. Ajit Pai

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