Stem Cell Therapy: A Boon for Both Athletes and Seniors With Joint Pain

Stem Cell Therapy, BMAC cells, Athletes and Seniors With Joint Pain

While anyone is susceptible to joint pain, athletes and the elderly are at an especially high risk for chronically painful joints. The high-impact physical activity athletes endure and the age-related joint degeneration and disease affecting seniors not only can interfere with overall quality of life, it can also lead to long-term disability.

Dr. Pai offers innovative treatment options, including cutting-edge stem cell therapy, to address joint pain, regardless of its cause.

Common causes of joint pain

There are quite possibly over 100 conditions that can result in chronic joint dysfunction and pain. One of the most common issues that affect seniors is arthritis, a condition that causes inflammation in your joints.

In athletes, sprains and fractures in the joint or surrounding muscles and bone can lead to ongoing joint pain.

Other underlying medical issues that can cause joint pain include:

You can also develop chronic joint pain as the result of Lyme disease or lupus, a common immune system disorder.

Healing from the inside out

Within your body are specialized cells, known as stem cells, that have a unique characteristic. Stem cells have the ability to regenerate themselves into other types of cells, including cells that make up your bones, skin tissue, and organs.

By extracting a supply of stem cells from bone marrow and reinjecting them back into the injured or painful joint, you can enjoy progressive healing from the inside out.

Stem cells have been shown effective at repairing a variety of common injuries in the joint and the joint’s support system, such as muscle and ligament tears. They can also replace diseased bone in the joint that causes chronic pain.

Fast treatment, long-lasting results

Stem cells used in therapy are from donor sources, either embryonic stem cells or cells from bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC). The type of stem cells Dr. Pai uses in your treatment depends on your individual needs.

Embryonic cells can regenerate into any kind of cell, while BMAC cells can become just specific tissue cells. Based on his customized treatment plan, you’ll receive the right stem cell injections to address your joint pain.

You may need several injections that go directly into the affected joint or surrounding bones and tissue. Generally, the treatment is quick and comfortable. Some mild inflammation and redness at the injection site is common but should go away without further treatment.

Once the stem cells are injected, they begin their internal regeneration processes within the joint. Over time, you’ll experience a decrease in pain and an increase in mobility. It can take several months to achieve full benefits of stem cell therapy, but those results last for the long term.

Big benefits for athletes and seniors

As an active athlete, you can undergo stem cell therapy without worry of long periods of downtime or recovery. In fact, stem cell treatments can speed up your healing process to get you back in the game.

For seniors who can’t tolerate surgery to replace or repair diseased joints, stem cell therapy is an effective, nonsurgical alternative. With increased mobility and joint functionality, elderly people can greatly benefit from the regeneration opportunities stem cell therapy offers in both the short and long-term.


If you’re tired of being sidelined by joint pain, schedule a consultation with Dr. Pai online or by phone today.

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