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Why Regenerative Therapy Is So Popular

When you read about regenerative therapy, you might feel like you’ve been transported into the future. The amazing news is, the future is here now, and exciting advances in modern medicine have made it possible to heal your body in an entirely new way.

Ajit Pai, MD, FIPP, a board-certified pain management physician at Pain Management Group, LLC in Mishawaka, Indiana, believes regenerative medicine, using stem cells or PRP, is the most effective treatment currently available for many causes of chronic pain. Discover the benefits of regenerative therapy that are making it an increasingly popular treatment today.

About regenerative therapy

Regenerative therapy combines the self-healing abilities your body already possesses with advances in modern medicine. In a regenerative procedure, Dr. Pai uses a highly potent mixture of donated stem cells or your own platelet rich plasma (PRP) to trigger a healing response within your own body.

To begin regenerative therapy, Dr. Pai injects the mixture of stem cells or PRP into the area where you’re experiencing pain. The injection of the highly potent material activates your body’s natural immune healing response, aiding it in generating additional healthy PRP or stem cells. This can bring a long-term resolution to your pain.

Why regenerative therapy is a popular treatment

Regenerative therapy is more popular than ever for treating chronic pain and injuries. These are some of the reasons Dr. Pai recommends regenerative therapy as an effective, sought after treatment.

It treats a number of conditions

You can receive regenerative therapy for a number of ailments. They include:

Treatment is personalized

Every regenerative therapy treatment is different, created using a treatment plan developed by Dr. Pai that’s personalized to you. The PRP or stem cells used come from your own platelets or a carefully selected donor and take advantage of your own body’s individualized healing response.

It’s minimally invasive

Your regenerative therapy treatment is an outpatient procedure involving a simple injection that you can get right at Pain Management Group, LLC. Getting regenerative therapy doesn’t carry any of the risks of getting surgery for pain management.

It’s a quick and easy procedure

A regenerative therapy procedure usually takes no more than an hour. To perform the procedure, Dr. Pai simply injects stem cells or PRP into the area where you have an injury or pain. If you’re concerned about the injection hurting, Dr. Pai can first numb the area with a numbing injection or cream.

You recover quickly from regenerative therapy and can typically resume all your activities within a few days of the procedure. You might experience slight inflammation and discomfort after the injection, but this will go away in 2-3 days.

Results come quickly

You can expect to start feeling reduced pain from regenerative therapy 2-3 weeks after the procedure. Often, you only need to get the injection one time to see the best results.

As a straightforward, minimally invasive, highly effective treatment for pain, it’s no wonder regenerative therapy is so in demand. To schedule your consultation to discuss regenerative therapies at Pain Management Group, LLC, contact our team at 574-208-9593.

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